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Hi! My name is Jovan.

Gym Owner/Head Coach Jovan Corral is what we call the "Ultimate" Trainer. He is a rare breed, and when you get to know him better, you will never let him go. He takes fitness to a whole new level, that's never been seen. You can see the passion and drive he has for reaching out to peoples success. If you ever meet him you will see what Coach Jovan Corral has to offer you. He is determined to get you through your toughest obstacles in life. That is his mission and promise.  He has the ability and the know how on every area possible when it comes to fitness.

I have over 18 years of experience in fitness, weight training, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, and HIIT to aid my clients in achieving all of their fitness goals. My clients require high intensity and result driven workouts to meet their fitness needs, so I create unique plans for each of my clients to obtain the effects they desire. In 2010, I competed in the NPC Mr. San Jose and learned many things about proper dieting, posing and weight training. I placed 6th in the novice division and 7th in the open division. If you're looking for a qualified and experienced trainer, I can help you eliminate the many obstacles confronting you when looking to lose body fat, increase muscle mass or tone your body.  



  • San Jose State University B.S. Biology 2005-2006

  • West Valley College Associate in Science Degree 2002-2005

  • USAW Olympic Certification (2015)

  • National Council on Strength and Fitness (2010)

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (2001)

  • American Council on Exercise (2001)

  • Competed In Mr. San Jose (2010) Placed Open 6th. and Novice 7th.

  • Competition and Competitor Training

  • Weight Training, Strength Training, Athletics Training, and Body Building

  • Sports Nutrition and Nutrition


Hi! My name is Fiona.

Gym Manager and Coach. Fiona Cantando is what I call the "Athlete". She has Drive, High Energy, Motivation, and comes first to helping others strive like her. She is very competitive and wants you to train like her and compete like her. Fiona Cantando brings nothing but the best out of you. You will see her participating in classes and would look to challenge you to new heights. She's young and ambitious, and nothing stops in her way.


  • University of Alabama 2017- Current

  • Santa Clara University 2015-2017

  • West Valley College A.A. Degree 2014-2015

  • Martial Arts

  • Basket Ball (College)

  • Kickboxing

  • NPC San Jose Figure Competitor (2015)

  • USAW Olympic Certification (2015)

  • TRX Certification (2015)

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (2014)

  • National Exercise Sports Trainers Association (2014)

  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist Certification (2014)

Sports have always been a huge part of my life, growing up I participated in several sports such as attained a Black Belt in Martial Arts, participating in Basketball up until college, then moving on to Kickboxing, and finally Cross Training. Competition has always been in my nature. There was a time in my life, where I was weighing in at more then two hundred and fifty pounds, feeling extremely uncomfortable with myself. I decided to change everything about myself. I disciplined and motivated myself to accomplish the goal of loosing 100 pounds. Till this day, I have not only exceeded that goal but, I continue to work on my health as it is a lifestyle, not a one time goal. Throughout my trial and errors. I was able to learn a lot about myself, one being, to motivate others and inspire the uninspired. I was able to change myself and I can do the same for you!


Hi! My name is Kevin.

Coach Kevin is what I would like to call the "Experienced Technician Trainer". His knowledge, expertise in body mechanics, Olympic lifting, rehab therapy, coaching kids with disabilities and more...   

As a fitness professional with more than 22 years of experience, Kevin has worked with people with a wide variety of health and fitness goals and levels of fitness -- from youths, beginners, weekend warriors, older individuals, children and young adults with developmental disabilities, professional athletes, and everyone in between. A 1997 graduate of Western Illinois University, Kevin has a B.S. with an emphasis in Health and Fitness. He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, earned his Club Coach Certification through USA Weightlifting, the national governing body overseeing the sport of Olympic weightlifting in the United States, and completed the Titlist Level One Golf Certification and Speed Agility Quickness Program through Nike. His passion is for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, no matter what they are or where they start


  • Western Illinois University, BS in Health and Fitness graduated 1997

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Cert.

  • USAW Club Coach Cert.

  • Titlist Level One Golf Cert.

  • Speed Agility Quickness Program Cert. through Nike.



Hi! My name is Oga.

Whether if it is work-related, home-related, or personal issues, I will always be there for support. That is what I believe is my gift I give to people.  A helping hand and being a understanding listener. I graduated from San Jose State University and earned my Bachelors in Kinesiology. I have strong anatomy and physiology background on how to assist, treat, care, and improve human movements, muscle development, and psychology dilemmas everyday people deal with.  
    I participate in fun activities such as 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, physique competitions and even obstacle course to fuel my active lifestyle. I believe living a healthy lifestyle can be fun if you put yourself in the right mind set and removal all negativity. If you can do that, the sky is the limit on what we can truly accomplish.


  • San Jose State University B.S Kinesiology (2014)

  • Modesto Junior College A.S Respiratory Therapist

  • USAW Olympic Lifting Cert. (2015)

  • National Council on Strength and Fitness Cert.



Hi! My name is Ting Ting.

Fitness is here to be enjoyed! Fitness provides us with the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. The beauty is you get to choose your own fitness adventures - the options are endless. As a passionate Certified TRX training, my role is to introduce, motivate, enable and make TRX training a fun and rewarding experience. I love seeing my students develop their connection with TRX and many aspects of benefits it brings. Life is an adventure, filled with continual improvement and we can achieve our big hair audacious goals—no matter how big or small!

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Bachelors in engineering

  • De Anza College

  • Associates degree

  • Kickboxing

  • TRX certification