Jovan Corral


I have over 22 years of experience in fitness, weight training, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, and HIIT to aid my clients in achieving all of their fitness goals. My clients require high intensity and result-driven workouts to meet their fitness needs, so I create unique plans for each of my clients to obtain the effects they desire. I competed in the 2010 NPC Mr. San Jose and 2019 NPC Mr. San Francisco Bodybuilding Competition. I learned many things about proper dieting, posing, weight training, cardio, and discipline. If you're looking for a qualified and experienced trainer, I can help you eliminate the many obstacles confronting you when looking to lose body fat, increase muscle mass or tone your body.


  • San Jose State University B.S. Biology 2005-2006

  • West Valley College Associate in Science Degree 2002-2005

  • USAW Olympic Certification (2015)

  • National Council on Strength and Fitness (2010)

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (2001)

  • American Council on Exercise (2001)

  • Competed In Mr. San Fransisco (2019) Placed 3rd Open and Novice Division

  • Competed In Mr. San Jose (2010) Placed 6th Open and 7th Novice Division

  • Competition and Competitor Training

  • Weight Training, Strength Training, Athletics Training, and Body Building

  • Sports Nutrition and Nutrition